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 I got my Retail Merchandising degree and worked in fashion my first 4 years out of school. I loved what I did, but realized I wanted to work for myself and truly chase what I'm passionate about. I'd always dreamed of starting my own brand and being my own boss, so I took a leap of faith and said - I'm doing it. That's when I created Made in Minny. I barely knew where to start and was unsure of so many things but I wasn't going to let that fear keep me from starting. I knew I had a quality handmade product, an eye catching logo, and the skills to create everything from my website to packaging. Today, it's so much more than a cool logo. It's a brand with a feeling, and loyal customers and followers who can't wait to see what's next. Creating is my passion & purpose. I love telling your story & truly bringing your vision to life through creative graphics. I want to create something you're beyond proud to show off. Your product, your skills, YOU need to be highlighted - and there's no better time than now. Whether I’m designing a logo or branding a business, I seek to bring attention to what’s important, you and your unique passions. Most days, you can find me sipping coffee, designing on my laptop, and creating products for Made in Minny. My favorite thing to do on my lunch break is take a walk around the lake near my home. I call it my 'brainstorming sesh'. I find that nature truly inspires me and It's where I come up with some of my best dreams and ideas.I recently became interested in house plants, I love how they brighten up a space (let's be real, I'm just trying to keep them alive at this point!). Thanks for stopping by! I'm Naomi. I'm a creative soul and lover of nature, photography and all things design. When I was a little girl, I was always working on a new arts & crafts project. I thrived in creative classes. Little did I know, years later it would turn into not only my career but my passion!
MEET MADE IN MINNY. I CREATED MY BRAND IN 2016 WITH LITTLE TO INVEST, AND SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHERE AND HOW TO START. BUT I WENT FOR IT. I TURNED MY DREAMS OF HAVING A BRAND INTO REALITY. my complete brand design, website and photography are what set me apart and continue to take my brand to the next level!
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